Orden y Progreso - Masonic Lodges Management System

Orden y Progreso is a Masonic Lodge Management System that can be used through any device connected to the Internet, especially from your mobile.

We take care of the secrecy and particularities of our fraternity through a strict control of access, roles, permissions, security, data encryption and protection of privacy. This system works for any rite (Scottish, York, Etc.), any regular paramasonic organization (Shrinners, Widows Sons, Etc.) as well as for any hierarchical organization (Blue Lodges, Red Lodges, Great Orients, Etc.). We also work with any Country, Currency and Language.

Pragmatism in 3 aspects:

Treasury: Control, graphs and reports of income and expenses with special control over the payment of our obligations (both from Member to Lodge and from Lodge to Great East) through traditional and electronic means (PayPal and Payment Market) thus promoting transparency of the treasury.

Secretariat: Control, graphs and attendance reports, presentation of works, grade increases and notifications as well as the possibility of qualifying the participation inside and outside the workshop for the promotion of the correct masonic exercise.

Community: Playful, compensatory and gratifying foments for the fraternal fomentation of the relations in the digital era; such as: Directory of Members, Directory of Related Businesses, Notifications, Prizes, Dissemination and Help among others.

Orden y Progreso is a system tailored to the operational needs of our workshop whose purpose is the promotion of proper masonic exercise through an entertaining system, always available and affordable for everyone.

The cost for the operational maintenance of this system is minimal and includes unlimited access to all system functionalities.

Try it free of charge for 90 days!

It promotes development based on transparency right now.

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